A little about me…


Forming a genuine and real connection with my clients is one of my top priorities. Why? Because not only do I care about you and your marriage, but I’ve found that if my clients feel comfortable & trust me, it’ll show in their photos!

So before you book, I’d love to share a little about who I am as a photographer and what makes me passionate about what I do…

My heart and passion is to love people and make them feel special. I truly find joy in other people’s joys! I absolutely love capturing LAUGHTER! I love a good ol sultry photo, but LAUGHTER in photos tugs on my heart strings!

Past clients describe me as joyful, fun, passionate, warm and have the ability to make my couples feel comfortable through laughter & wanting to know ALL of your stories of how/when/where and why you fell in love. I’m also a pretty good hype woman, so get ready for some “Yeaaaah Girl” and “OH.MY.GOSH.” outbursts!

You can usually find me tearing up behind my lens during an emotional ceremony, father of the bride speech or mother-son dances which is probably why I grow attached to my couples and love watching their marriage grow over the years long after they say “I Do”. Since becoming a mother myself, my perspective on what matters on a wedding day has expanded and shifted to make sure to always look around and capture your Mom as she smiles with tears streaming down her face when she sees you in your dress, your grandparents holding hands as you recite your vows and your Dad barely making it through his speech as he talks about the first time he held his baby girl. Don’t worry, I still love capturing romantic moments of you two as the sun starts to set, but my desire is to also capture memories you’ll look back on years from now as you reminisce on each anniversary & milestone.

Favorites: Jesus, my amazing husband, my adorable daughter, breakfast (anytime, anywhere), Italian food, coffee with LOTS of creamer, the color black (is black even a color?), reading, anything from rockabilly-oldies-pop-punk-folk or some good ol' 2000's hip hop music, criminology studies (got my bachelors degree in deviance & social control), working out, SOA, Scared Straight, Ink Masters, Breaking Bad, Parenthood, This Is Us, a tidy home, fresh flowers in my house, sunflowers, the 1950s, old Hollywood glamour, Seattle, my Bengal kitty, my French Bulldog pup, traveling, Ukraine, surprising people, giving gifts, hand written notes and well done tattoos.


“So whether you eat, drink or whatever you do, do it all to the Glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31)

I had read this verse time after time, but it wasn’t until a deep conversation with one of my mentors that this verse penetrated my heart and became the backbone behind everything I do with photography.

I want to help tell people’s true love stories. Why? Because they are ALL intentional, whether we know it or not. Each is a beautiful, intrinsic piece of a much greater story. Above your wedding day (which will be completely AWESOME), the reason I'm so passionate about photographing weddings is MARRIAGE- what it means after the wedding day, what is symbolizes and the years that follow saying "I Do". Being married myself for 7 years now, I can tell you that I will be not only your photographer, but a huge encourager, cheerleader and friend before, during and after your wedding day! I can't help it-- it's in my veins to celebrate the true meaning and importance of marriage!

My hope and desire is that the memories captured will not only be a treasure to look back on in days of joy, but more importantly, days of trials & sorrows. Photos only capture a little glimpse of the story- and more often times than not- the beginning of a story. My hope is that the memories captured to look back on will help provide not only joy, but strength and encouragement needed in those times of trials, because I know thats exactly what photos have done for me. If this is something that speaks volumes to your heart-- I would love to set up a time to meet in person to hear your story!

I desire to capture raw, authentic, romantic and playful moments- steering clear of replicating another person's images (AKA Pinterest), so you can have your own moments unlike any other. Let me capture your imperfectly perfect love- all the snorting laughs, hair blowing around in the wind, genuine kisses and everything in-between.