About Jessica

Photo taken by Cami Jane Photography

I solely believe that it’s by God’s grace that I am where I am today. From my Faith in the Lord, to graduating college (Go Beach!), to marrying the guy I met when I was 15  years old listening to “Yeah” by Usher in a white Honda Civic, and to being encouraged to step out into capturing people’s memories beyond how I already was.

I have been fascinated with photography and memories frozen in time since I can remember. Even when I  was a little girl, I would go straight for the old photo albums EVERY time I would go to visit my grandparents. It didn’t matter that I had seen these photos 10,000 times before- each time I was taken back to moments so precious that they were intentionally captured for generations after to marvel at.

I would like to say that I was “born” to be a photographer and knew since I was nine years old, but I honestly had no clue how God would use my desire to capture memories later down the road.

I’ve always carried a camera in my purse. If you were my friend throughout grade school, junior high, high school or even college, you probably had plenty of photos taken for your keepsake by me.

In junior high and high school, I was a part of the yearbook committee and even went to fun, nerdy “Yearbook Camps” before the school year would start. After having captured people for years as a hobby, it naturally flourished into a business after following the call put on my heart & my awesome husband encouraging me to step out in faith.

My heart and passion is to love people and make them feel special. I truly find joy in other people’s joys & I thank God for that.

Favorites: Breakfast (anytime, anywhere), Italian food, coffee with LOTS of creamer, the color black (is black even a color?), reading, books & movies about the Holocaust, working out, SOA, Scared Straight, Ink Masters, Breaking Bad, Parenthood, a tidy home, fresh flowers in my house, sunflowers, dark lipstick, the 1950s, old Hollywood glamour, Ronda Rousey, big cities, my Bengal kitty, my French Bulldog pup, traveling, Ukraine, surprising people, giving gifts, hand written notes and well done tattoos.



“So whether you eat, drink or whatever you do, do it all to the Glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31)


I had read this verse time after time, but it wasn’t until a deep conversation with one of my mentors that this verse penetrated my heart and became the backbone behind everything I do with photography.

I want to help tell people’s stories. Why? Because they are ALL intentional, whether we know it or not. Each is a beautiful, intrinsic piece of a much greater story. Whether it be a milestone of graduating high school, to the joyful betrothal of two hearts, to a groom laying eyes on his bride for the first time in front of their loved ones, the announcement of a new life coming into the world or capturing the gift of the family you’ve been so graciously given. All of these are worth capturing.

My hope and desire is that the memories captured will not only be a treasure to look back on in days of joy, but more importantly, days of trials & sorrows. Photos only capture a little glimpse of the story- and more often times than not- the beginning of a story. My hope is that the memories captured to look back on will help provide not only joy, but strength and encouragement needed in those times of trials, because I know thats exactly what photos have done for me.